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Player Name: Sword
Player Journal: [personal profile] swordianmaster
Age: 30
Contact: [ profile] kataranisword, Bahamut725 on AIM
Characters Played: Flare Star (OC), Princess Luna (AU1)

Name: Bon Bon
Canon: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
OU/AU/OC: My Little Jamjar SN
Canon Point: N/A

History: Born to a confectioner from Prance named Petit Four and a botanist from Manesota named Bonsai, Bon Bon's family settled in Ponyville quite early in her life to learn about the horticulture of the nearby forest. In particular, her parents had chased rumors that there was a previously undiscovered herb that, if prepared properly, was both edible and quite palatable - something that the two could research together! Of course, finding the mythical plant was quite an ordeal, so while Bon Bon spent her days learning at Ponyville's schoolhouse, her father ran a taffy-and-tonic shop while her mother systematically researched the plants of the Everfree. One day, in a bout of mischeviousness, a frolicking filly Bon Bon knocked a jar of her mom's research specimens into a pan of her dad's boiling toffee.

In retrospect, the incident could be viewed as a happy catastrophe, as while the resulting puff of explosion dyed the kitchen pink for months to come (and made Bon Bon literally able to bounce off the walls as if she were made of rubber), a surprising result had been found, with the mild scent of burned mango toffee: In addition to the blossoms of a Poison Joke plant having intrinsic medicinal uses, it turned out that the telltale "leaves of blue" on the plant held a surprising sweetness to them... as long as one could boil out the prank-inducing oils within them! In one fell swoop, Bon Bon's mischief had helped her parents discover the untapped potential that they were looking for, and had helped secure the filly her cutie mark. (It was the one after-effect that wasn't washed away after the fact, after all.)

After that, Bon Bon readily fell into her destiny as a candymaker under her father. As soon as she was out of school, he left the shop in her care many a time as he perfected his magnum opus recipe - jokelate. Taking the sweet-yet-bland palette of normal Equestrian chocolate and adding the slightest pinch of cured poison joke - just enough to add a bit of an extra kick, Petit Four's secret "chocolate" recipe took Equestria's culinary world by storm, enough to get the family an offer to start a shop in Canterlot itself. Seeing as she was old enough to run a business on her own and not wanting to turn down an offer from the Princess herself (who was at least somewhat well known as a lover of sweets), Petit Four left his Ponyville shop (and a copy of the family recipe) in Bon Bon's care... along with a copy of Supernaturals: Natural Remedies and Cure-Alls That Are Simply Super that he donated to the town's library. After all, both he and his daughter had memorized the cure for Poison Joke by that time, so it was better off kept where the public at large could make use of it.

Bon Bon still regularly visited her parents, and often attended seminars and trade shows in Canterlot - both alongside her father, and on her own. It was at one such seminar where she met an aimless oddjobber by the name of Lyra Heartstrings. The two hit it off almost instantly, becoming fast friends due to their mutually quirky senses of humor. More and more often, Bon Bon would take time out of her visits to spend time with Lyra, even inviting her to family dinners on more than one occasion. Of course, her parents assumed that their daughter had found "the one", and urged the unicorn to spend more time with her. Little did the family know, however, that Lyra had been a long-time Ponyville native - just one that had been in enrolled in Canterlot's Magical Academy at the time!

For a while, the two went their separate ways, with Bon Bon running her candy shop and Lyra finishing off her schooling, but before long Ms. Heartstrings returned to Ponyville... not too long before the arrival of a very special unicorn by the name of Twilight Sparkle. While Bon Bon did help with the Summer Sun Celebration, she was under the belief that Nightmare Moon's return was just a publicity stunt - after all, all the stories she'd heard about Princess Celestia made her out to be quite the trickster, why wouldn't she pull such shenanigans? The fact that everything was made better within the span of a night only helped reinforce her beliefs - at least, until Lyra told her what Twilight had accomplished, and that everything was real and Princess Luna had been saved.

The next few months saw Bon Bon relatively wary of the chaos that seemed to find its way to the town, particularly centered around its new librarian. She did her best to remain cheerful, but it was hard to do - especially after the Parasprite incident left Lyra without a sandwich... and later in that same day, without a home. Trying to help out a friend and make the best of a bad situation, Bon Bon invited Lyra to stay with her, on the single condition that her friend help around the place with chores...and occasionally help taste-test new recipes.

Life in Ponyville continued as normal for some time after that (which is to say: disasterously), until the official coronation of Twilight Sparkle as an alicorn princess. Then, something went wrong and suddenly Equestria became a jamjar. While the newponies were more of "another Ponyville mishap to deal with" at first, things changed when Lyra got a scroll of her very own to start talking with the new arrivals. Bon Bon still was skeptical, often taking Hoovesweek's propaganda at face value, especially after an incident with some Helheim fruit from Canterlot's dungeons turned Lyra into some weird sort of monster. Slowly, but surely, Lyra managed to win over Bon Bon towards the offworld presence, though, even introducing her roommate to close personal friends she'd made. By the time a non-native Fluttershy had arrived, she was fully accepting of the idea of all but taking a third tenant under their roof, and not long after that, she was even hiring on a young filly and a... polar bear as employees and assistant taste-testers at her shop. (Hey, Twilight has her own dragon, she could hire a polar bear! No laws against it.)

Again life settled into a peaceful equilibrium for a while. It wasn't meant to last, though, as Lyra's repeated superheroings got the better of her in one way or another. Bon Bon wasn't quite sure how it happened; she knew the unicorn was having stress nightmares, sure, but usually those stress nightmares weren't accompanied by Lyra smashing mirrors with her bare hooves or having weird red-eye issues. Not knowing any way to better help her friend, Bon Bon started looking into getting a scroll of her own to try to help keep Lyra from overworking herself further...

Personality: Bon Bon is relatively down-to-earth, if a bit stubbornly so. She tries to keep her emotions a safe distance away from her thoughts, if for no other reason than to keep her closest friends tethered to reality. This leads her to being a bit snarkier than the other ponies she knows, as well as being a little less compassionate on the surface. The lack of sympathy is only skin-deep, though - while Bon Bon can be a pretty easy pony to irritate, it takes a lot to get her sincerely angry, and even more to get her to a point where she turns her back on you. Once you've managed to befriend the earth pony, she's likely to be a friend for life.

That said, there ARE ways of making her angry. Willingly serving bad or rotten food is one way - she takes her job seriously, and woe be to anyone who intentionally offers someone baked bads, or cider with rocks in it. Another is to endanger Lyra in any way. To say she's overly fond of her roommate is a significant understatement, and it's not too out of the blue to assume that they're closer than just friends.

Despite not wearing her emotions on her sleeve, she's not made of stone, either - while she's level-headed enough to keep true anger and sorrow at bay, she's got a love for jokes and silliness, and can't help but crack a smile. After all, living with Lyra and being in regular contact with Pinkie Pie means that you have to find some humor in life, or else your options are to go insane or crack like a walnut.

Heck, she's even got her own off-kilter quirks, though she tries not to bring too much attention to them. Being raised with Manesotan sensibilities in mind, she's of the mindset that a guest can't leave a party happy if they don't leave a party full, and if they can still move right after dinner, then obviously they aren't full. Food is comfort, food is hospitality, and if she's cooking for you - not baking, or candy-making, but actually cooking - then you better eat what she serves or else. Back on the topic of quirks, don't ask about the unusual interest in giant hats. Just... don't.

Strengths: Living with Lyra and living in Ponyville this long has given Bon Bon a pretty strong resistance to weirdness - while she still gets startled, it takes a lot more than a parasprite eating Lyra's lunch to faze her nowdays. Her talent in confections gives her a bit of a knack for mixing and concocting, as well as a bit of a sixth sense as to how tastes will intermingle - though nowhere near as well as a master chef would know. She's got a decent working knowledge of herbs from the Everfree's outskirts and from around the areas around Ponyville, though nothing close to what Zecora or even Twilight knows. Finally, her ability to keep her own emotions under control makes her generally a shrewd businessmare and a hell of a poker player.

Weaknesses: Ultimately, her biggest weakness is that she's a perfectly normal Earth Pony who's happy living a perfectly normal life. While this wouldn't be a weakness normally, when it comes to living in Ponyville - especially since Twilight Sparkle came to town - it seems to be a hindrance more than a boon. Since one of her more famous family recipes involves heavily handling poison joke, she's semi-frequently suffering odd side effects - typically involving changes in her voice and odd shifts in her mane-color. Whether or not it's responsible for the multiple Bon Bons or if that's a changeling that has been going around, however... well, that's up for debate.

Possessions: Her entire two-story shop/home, where Kyouko and Teddie currently work and Lyra and Fluttershy (OU) currently stay. (Since she's SN she's not bringing anything from the outside, obviously)
Pony/Animal Type: Earth Pony
Cutie Mark: Three yellow-and-blue foil-wrapped candies
Pony Picture: An unofficial, albeit show-quality, vector.

First Person: Dear_whatever post #1 and #2
Third Person: Bon Bon could feel a headache coming on. It wasn't that she didn't like Apple Bloom and her friends, it was that... well, the lot of them always tended to be a cause of trouble more than anything else. The way the three of them were just looking expectantly at her - and not at the sweets, as they usually did - wasn't helping her feel more at ease. Finally, the pressure was more than enough and her own slightly forced smile started to crack into a beleaguered sigh. "What can I help you girls with?" she inquired, still trying her best to be a good salesmare.

Scootaloo was the first to pipe up, "We wanted to see that 'special stash' we heard Rainbow Dash bragging about!" The words sunk into Bon Bon like a hoof to the gut, and what was the warnings of a headache became a full-fledged facehoof. While it was true she kept her failed batches of the family recipe, it wasn't like she handed them out to any schoolfoal... she was going to give that weathermare such a lecture when she got her hands on her... quickly, though, Bon Bon took a deep breath and assessed her options. Telling the girls 'no' would just make them beg harder, or worse, try to find out on their own. Getting Applejack and Rarity involved would just draw more attention to what she was doing. But letting three fillies just have a box of over-joked chocolate? With her luck, all of Ponyville would be suffering from Poison Joke reactions!

Then a light dawned in the mare's mind. She couldn't give the bad batches of her jokelate to anyone who didn't know how to treat its effects, but she did have a few failed concoctions in the kitchen she hadn't quite gotten rid of... "Actually, I think I know just what you fillies are looking for. In fact, I'll even get you some free of charge. But you have to promise that you won't prank anyone who'll take it badly.. remember, Rainbow Dash is a professional, don't try what she does at home." She figured that while it was far more predictable than Poison Joke's effects, a few Rainbow Habanero jawbreakers and fish taffy would at least get the reactions they wanted. Judging by the way their faces lit up and they let out a "Cutie Mark Crusaders Prank Patrol, Yeah!", it would be just fine.


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